KnoPros is the official Installer of Kitchen Refresh in the Des Moines Area
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The Kitchen Refresh Difference

There are critical differences between Kitchen Refresh and other kitchen remodeling options:


FREE Design Consultation: A kitchen makeover comes with a lot of indecision - and it can be overwhelming: Choosing the door style and color, handle style, countertop and backsplash material and color, and so on. With our expert design consultants, you get FREE assistance to guide you through this process to keep you on time and on budget. It is not uncommon to be charged a $1,000 or more from other companies for this service.


Speed: We are not exaggerating when we say most transformations take place in just 1-5 Days - from start to finish. This is significantly less than the 2-5 Months of an average kitchen remodel.


Custom Work: Need some cabinet modifications or an island installed? Need new countertop or backsplash? Want to remove the soffit and have cabinets extend to the ceiling? Looking at additional painting or new flooring? With our list of preferred contractors, we can help you tackle almost any project along with your kitchen cabinet transformation. Understand, however, that custom work will add time and cost to projects.

Keep Your Current Countertops & Appliances

Many times, the Refresh process on the cabinets gives new life to the existing countertops and appliances - meaning you save money on not having to replace those items. If you were to tear out and install new cabinets, keeping your countertops isn’t even an option.

Price: Today's savvy consumers expect high value at a reasonable price. Since we are up to 75% less than custom and semi-custom cabinets, our clients end up loving how much they save - and our estimates always include installation! Be wary of online cabinet places if you’re thinking about complete cabinet replacement - their pricing typically does not include tear out of existing cabinets or installation, cost of hardware, or the additional cost of replacing your countertops.

We Manufacture The Doors And Drawer Fronts: Unlike other companies who may provide a similar service, we manufacture all of our own doors and drawer fronts. We select the materials and control the process of the doors that are produced to insure the highest quality outcome. Additionally, there is no middle-man markup, which can be significant, and these savings are passed on to the clients we serve. 

Quality And Satisfaction: Unlike repainting or refacing cabinets, which can be costly, time consuming and yield temporary or unsatisfactory results, Kitchen Refresh is a tried and true method with long-term quality and satisfaction, and rave reviews from our clients.