KnoPros Philosophy

"We started KnoPros when we noticed an untouched niche between investors and contractors. We started an all around finishing program that combines fair pricing, detailed work, and the client's best economical solution. KnoPros creates value like no one else." ​ -James Bach, Owner


The bottom line is that we wanted to make the solution simple and affordable, which is what everyone wants, we do it differently by making oursleves a "one stop shop."  From flooring to kitchens, tile to bathrooms, we can find the solution and keep it within your economical grasp.


Every house needs a special touch to stand out in the competitve market place, and KnoPros knows how to do that.  We have worked for many professionals, real estate agents, investors, and home owners to add value to their overall vision.  From start to finish we manage the project timelines, quckly and efficiently. 


We would love to work with you on your next project. We offer competitive introductory pricing for new clients. We are fully insured and guarantee our work at no extra price.